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We are a socially responsible company, and as such, we are committed to being close to our communities and value chain, carrying out initiatives and actions that contribute to their development.

Management axes

Our social responsibility programs and actions are designed around four strategic management axes.

Citizenship building
Care for the environment
Local development in the value chain

Social Investment


Our Ronda corporate volunteer program was designed to strengthen the link with the communities neighboring our system’s route and, at the same time, allow our employees to channel their vocation for citizen service. TGN volunteers get involved in community actions and carry out projects that contribute to the common good and add value to our services. On the other hand, TGN’s CSR programs are designed and implemented on the basis of proposals made by the volunteers themselves.

Together - Damage Prevention

The program seeks to raise awareness of the importance of preventing damage to gas pipelines and gas installations. To this end, we work with the educational community and, especially, with students from primary and secondary schools near the route, developing activities and playful experiences that allow them to incorporate basic prevention guidelines and thus reach all the actors that may affect the normal operation of gas transportation.

Value Chain

Our local supplier development program seeks to enhance people’s capabilities to provide services, by creating and strengthening small businesses through knowledge of: core gas industry practices (procurement, transportation and distribution), risk assessment techniques, implementation of business strategies, analysis of different types of contracts in terms of costs and risks, etc.

Future Graduates - Cimientos Foundation

In line with our strategic axis Education, we support the Future Graduates program of the Cimientos Foundation. Its objective is to accompany young people between the ages of 12 and 18 in a situation of social vulnerability so that they can finish high school and project a future with more and better opportunities. In addition to a monthly financial scholarship, the participating boys and girls receive personalized tutoring that promotes the development of socioemotional skills which improve their educational trajectory.

TC 2000 goes to school

Committed to road safety and education in the communities where we operate, we are proud to be part of TC2000 goes to School since 2022. This is an itinerant program where school-age boys and girls are made aware of road safety in a didactic, interactive and playful way, with animations, graphics and dialogues according to each age group.

Since its creation in 2005, this educational and road safety awareness program has reached more than 1000 schools and almost 400,000 students throughout the country.

Social investment gallery

30 years, 30 schools

During 2023, the year of our 30th anniversary, we decided to celebrate by doing something transcendent; we visited 30 technical schools near our pipelines to leave a footprint in terms of sustainable development.


Vuelve Súper TC2000 va a la escuela
20/04/2024 Arrancó una nueva edición del programa que acerca la seguridad vial a las escuelas
Programa Juntos: concurso de dibujo 2024
27/03/2024 Las comunidades educativas de la traza tienen una nueva cita con la creatividad y la prevención de daños
Prevención de Daños en la Fiesta Nacional del Trigo
23/02/2024 Nuestro equipo de prevencionistas brindó una charla a la comunidad