Community – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 


In order to strengthen the bond with the community, we introduce a corporate volunteer program called RONDA. Through corporate volunteers’ programs we add value to the services we provide at TGN. Corporate volunteer programs promote employee motivation to explore different lines of work and to canalize communities’ concerns.

The volunteers can choose from different projects such as: Program JUNTOS (a program related with damage prevention), programs related with education and raising awareness about issues related to energy demand: Rational Use of Energy Program and Science Club. These programs are designed and carried out by the volunteers. 

The programs are based on our strategic pillars:

  • Education
  • Citizenship-building
  • Environmental care
  • Value chain development
Gestión de riesgos de proyectos

Project risk management

Through partnerships with institutions in the public sector, civil institutions and other actors in the private sector we have implemented different models of intervention to avoid the occurrence of damages to people or land in areas of social unrest. To obtain this goal we carry out processes for risk assessment, design of modes of intervention, and we apply actions for prevention and mitigation of conflictsassessment, design of modes of intervention,
and we apply actions for prevention and mitigation of conflicts.

Programa: Cadena de Valor

Program Value Chain - Development of local suppliers

This program has been supporting the development of local suppliers for the last ten years. Its purpose is to foster the establishment of SME's to promote community development.

The program has learning goals based on key practices for the gas industry (gas gathering, transportation and distribution), risk assessment techniques, implementation of business strategies, contracts risk and cost analysis.

Programa: JUNTOS

Program JUNTOS - Damage Prevention

This program is designed to raise awareness among kids and adults of the importance of damage prevention in gas pipelines and gas systems. We work together with the educative community, especially with kids and young people, to explore ways to engage communities, residents, companies, local authorities and other players who perform activities that may affect gas transportation service. The program activities include a playful learning experience for students, teachers and authorities in elementary school and secondary school.

Club de Ciencias

Science Club

The purpose of this program is to boost interest for science and research through games and fun science experiments. With this inspiring activities kids learn about physical phenomena.

Some of the goals of the science club are to inspire kids to engage in researches in their own environments, to bring children closer to science and provide them with a space to explore and discover.

The program is sponsored by the Organization of Ibero-American States and it counts with the support of the Ministry of Education in each province where the program is held. The activities are conducted by TGN employees.

Programa: Leer 20-20

Reading Promotion: Program “Leer 20-20”

The program fosters reading culture in children. It focuses on inspiring children to spontaneous reading and to develop an interest in reading. The goal is to read a total of 20 books throughout the year. Ten books are to be red at home and the other ten books in different spaces at school: the classroom, the library, school playground, among others.

Futuros Egresados

Junior Graduate Program

TGN sponsors the program Junior Graduate that is carried out by Fundación Cimientos. The program is designed to tackle early school leaving. TGN promotes and finances annual scholarships for students in secondary school. It also provides for a more tailored educational support and guidance. Students are engaged in experience exchange meetings.

Cimientos is a nonprofit organization. It focuses on promoting equal education opportunities through programs that foster inclusion at school and that improve the education quality for students from low-income families.