TGN System – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 

TGN System

Our natural gas transportation system is comprised by two trunk pipelines that make up for a network that travels along 15 provinces in Argentina. The trunk pipelines receive gas from the Noroeste Basin, the Neuquén basin, and the Altiplano Basin. In terms of length they are among the largest gas pipelines in South America.

We are in a strategic geographic location in the country and in the region and this makes us the only operator that connect its gas pipelines with Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay. This allowed us to be the first in developing the gas export business.

From the beginning of our operation we have made investments for over US$ 1,300 million and we have completed the installation of:

8 nuevas plantas compresoras
2600km de Nuevos Gasoductos

Gasoducto Norte

Gasoducto Norte starts at Campo Durán (Salta province) and after traveling 1,454 km, and extends up to compressor station San Jerónimo (Santa Fe province)

  • 4,550 km of pipelines
  • 12 Compressor stations
  • 204,620 HP
  • 28 MMm3/d transportation capacity

El Gasoducto Centro Oeste

Gasoducto Centro Oeste starts at gas field Loma La Lata (Neuquén province) and has an extension of 1,121 km up to compressor station San Jerónimo.

  • 2,256 km of pipelines
  • 8 Compressor stations
  • 171,000 HP
  • 32 MMm3/d transportation capacity
Our pipeline system crosses different eco-regions. Given the wide biodiversity of these areas it is fundamental to provide quality services that are environmentally responsible.