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Diversity and inclusion

Recognizing the uniqueness of each person makes us a more equitable organization and allows us to complement each other to bring greater value to our business. Therefore, we promote an environment of personal fulfillment, based on the value and respect for individual differences.

Addressing Diversity and Inclusion

We define a North

We define a North

Through our Diversity and Inclusion Declaration, we present to the world our conviction to be a company where all people feel welcome, safe and valued.

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Our commitment

Our commitment
At TGN we assume the responsibility of promoting a culture of diversity throughout the organization, through a long-term Strategic Plan and our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

We form a team

We form a team
We created the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, composed of company employees who work to generate strategies and areas that help to fulfill our commitment.

We have an identity of our own

We have an identity of our own
Diversity and Inclusion are represented by a logo made up of the elbows of the TGN logo, chromatically intervened with the colors of the diversity flag.

Benefits for

personal well-being

Maternity leave: gradual return to work
Allows those who fulfill the role of primary breadwinner to work from home until the child's first year or until one year after adoption, maintaining 100% of the salary.
Extended Paternity Leave
We extend paid paternity leave to 21 calendar days for those who fulfill the role of secondary breadwinner. Once the leave is completed and if the role allows it, they can work remotely for 1 month.

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