Security and health – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 

Security and health

At TGN we provide our gas transportation services in a safe and reliable manner, taking care of the health of everyone. With this objective in mind, we work within the framework of a culture of prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases that we strengthen and deepen every day in all our locations.


We manage the safety of the processes related to our activities
including operation, transportation, maintenance, and storage/processing of materials.
We analyze the risks of all our tasks and facilities
and permanently evaluate the requirements to ensure legal compliance.
We develop and implement safety procedures, work instructions
and train our personnel in the safety processes which are critical to the development of our activities.
We investigate all our incidents, incorporating and disseminating lessons learned
We have emergency plans that we review, update, and communicate on an ongoing basis.
We continuously strengthen our safety and accident prevention culture, including our contractors, through safety committees, training and campaigns, promoting safety leadership as an integral part of our tasks.


Workplaces analysis

We analyze workplaces to mitigate the risks of accidents and occupational diseases, as well as identify opportunities for improvement.

Training & campaigns

We develop campaigns and provide training in Occupational Health, Occupational Risks and Emerging Diseases.

Vaccination campaigns

We implemented vaccination campaigns with an offer to apply anti-flu, double adult and anti-pneumococcal vaccines in target groups.

Prevention of psychoactive substance use

We have a program for the prevention of psychoactive substance use through which we develop awareness and sensitization workshops.

Did you know that?

At TGN we ensure cardio-safety in our facilities, equipping them with the necessary elements to provide assistance in the event of sudden cardiac events.

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