Our part in prevention – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 

Our part in prevention



*Northeast Argentine Gas Pipeline

For TGN, protecting the integrity of gas pipelines means taking care of people.

For this reason, we promote a Damage Prevention program, a model in the industry, with different initiatives that seek to inform and raise awareness among all the actors of the communities regarding the safety guidelines to be followed in the surroundings of the gas pipelines.

Signage and patrolling
We installed signage to warn about the presence of gas pipelines, emergency numbers and precautions to take into account. We patrol the route on a permanent basis.
Toll-free telephone lines
0800-333-2223 I Call before digging
0800-122-3440 I Call before digging GNEA
Interference management
We have a process for third parties wishing to carry out works in the safety zone of a gas pipeline, with general guidelines to be followed to avoid incidents.
Media outreach and events
We took our message of prevention and awareness to different media and activities in the communities along the route.
Talks to public agencies and the security forces
We give talks on emergency response and prevention methods to civil defense, health, security, traffic and firefighting agencies.
Programs in schools
As part of the Juntos program, we work with the educational community to develop playful experiences that enable children and young people to incorporate basic prevention guidelines.

Prevention in action


Juntos en Santiago del Estero
16/11/23 Llegamos con nuestro mensaje de prevención a la escuela N° 201 de Frías
Encuentro en Uruguayana
14/11/23 Participamos de la Reunión de Prevención de Daños organizada por TBS
Concientización en Córdoba
13/11/23. Brindamos una charla al Ministerio de Servicios Públicos de la provincia