Integrity & Transparency – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 

Integrity & Transparency

At TGN, the manner by which we achieve results is as important as the results themselves. For this reason, we conduct our business and operations guided by the highest ethical principles and transparency.

Within the framework of our Integrity and Transparency Program, we design documents, actions, structures as well as internal promotion and control procedures to advance and control integrity, aimed at preventing, detecting and correcting any situation contrary to our principles and the law.

Code of ethics

In our Code of Ethics, we define the principles and values that should guide the daily behavior of all members of our team, at any time and place. It is a tool that enables us to make honest, transparent and fair decisions. The following are the principles on which it is based:

Policies & Processes

We have policies, processes and procedures that guide the actions of our employees and executives in these and many other matters.

  • Anti-corruption
  • Hiring of third-party intermediaries and business partners
  • Participation in public tenders
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Gifts, lodging and travel expenses
  • Donations, memberships and sponsorships

We guarantee to regularly communicate to employees at all levels of the organization what is expected of them and also train them to comply with procedures and controls.

Organizational Structure

It is an autonomous body with sufficient resources and power to report directly to the Audit Committee or the Supervisory Committee.
Power to approve all Policies and Procedures related to the Integrity Program.
Leads the Compliance Office. Appointed by the Board of Directors, reports to it through the Audit Committee and, hierarchically, to the Chief Executive Officer.
Promotes the support of all the employees and executives at the highest levels of the organization for the internal control measures as well as for their ethical commitment in the fight against corruption.

Transparent line

Through the Transparent Line, employees, stakeholders and members of the community can report any situation contrary to our procedures and the law that they observe in the development of our activities or interactions either anonymously, confidentially and with a guarantee of no reprisals.

0800-122- 8464
Acting with integrity guarantees us a successful and sustained relationship over time with all our stakeholders, in addition to ensuring the sustainability of our business.