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Prevention among us all



*Northeast Argentine Gas Pipeline

Worldwide statistics show that the main cause of accidents and emergencies related to gas pipelines are caused by excavations carried out by third parties without proper coordination.

The integrity of the gas transportation system is an issue that requires the commitment, primarily, of the pipeline operating companies, but also of property owners, neighbors, excavation and utility companies, and state road maintenance agencies.

What is expected from

community stakeholders?

Neighbors and property owners

  • Take care of and respect the signs that warn of the presence of pipelines.
  • Know what can and cannot be done in the pipeline safety zone.
  • Notify TGN of any irregularity or event they notice.

Contractors and service companies

  • Call TGN if they need to carry out earthworks near a gas pipeline strip.
  • Comply with the process for third party works defined by the company.

Public agencies

Notify TGN when they detect works and projects to be developed in the safety area of gas pipelines and, therefore, need our authorization and advice.

Active Forces

Participate in TGN’s training and dissemination activities to learn about our emergency plans and to coordinate efforts in case of any incident.

We want to take care of you:

help us to prevent

What you need to know

Safety Zone
At TGN we define a safety zone around gas pipelines where certain guidelines must be followed to avoid incidents. We tell you how to identify it.
Excavation works
Contractors wishing to carry out excavation works must comply with certain general guidelines to avoid incidents.
In the event of incidents
Gas leaks and pipeline ruptures due to human intervention are two of the main dangers associated with gas transportation services. Do you know how to detect them and what to do?

Manuals and guides