Integrity and Transparency Program


We designed our Integrity Program based on risks, in order to help strengthen the company’s anti-corruption culture.
We work towards new actions, mechanisms and internal procedures to promote integrity, supervision and control in order to prevent, detect and solve irregularities and unlawful acts.

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We keep the highest ethical and professional conduct standards in our business activities.

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We are convinced that acting with integrity and transparency guarantees us a successful relation with our stakeholders.

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We expect integrity throughout the organization, at all levels. The culture of ethics and transparency is a fundamental pillar in the development of our business.

Clear Policies

We have clear and well defined policies that guide the actions of our employees and executives in anti-corruption matters, such as the Code of Ethics and the Anticorruption Policy; we have clear procedures for hiring new third parties intermediaries and business partners, for participating in public tenders, handling conflicts of interest, receiving presents, for accommodation expenses, travels and donations, memberships and sponsorships, among other.

We make sure to communicate regularly to all our employees what is expected of them and train them in the compliance of procedures and controls.

Our Action Levels





Since the year 2018 we have a Compliance Office. It is an autonomous body with sufficient resources and with the power to report directly to the Audit Committee or the Supervisory Commission, as the case may be.

Compliance Office
Led by a Compliance Officer appointed by the Company’s Board of Directors.
Compliance Officer
Reports to the Board of Directors through the Audit Committee and, hierarchically, to the CEO.
Board of Directors
Has power to approve all Policies and Procedures related to the Integrity Program.
Encourages that all employees and executives support the internal control measures and promotes their ethical commitment in the fight against corruption, understanding that these are fundamental factors.
"TGN keeps active training and communication programs for all our employees and staff, in order to promote and ensure that all business decisions are governed by ethical principles."