TGN and GNEA – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 


TGN oversees the operation and maintenance of Gasoducto del Noroeste Argentino (GNEA)

We have solid experience in the industry, we have a strategic geographical location in the country and in the region. This allows us to provide a wide range of high-specificity services. This makes TGN a great partner for small and large projects.

After winning a public tender called by IEASA, TGN was awarded the operation and maintenance of GNEA in the sections located in Santa Fe province and Chaco province. This pipeline will supply gas to industries and residential users in the communities located along the pipeline system.

As from September 1st, the transporter is also in charge of the operation and maintenance of:

  • the 24" diameter trunk pipeline GNEA, that runs along 694 km and of
  • the secondary branch pipelines with a diameter of 4" to 10", which supplies both provinces along over 1000 km.

Operation consists in the necessary maneuvers for the natural gas to flow from the injection on the pipeline to its connection with the TGN system, near Santa Fe province and up to the different consumption points. TGN will provide for the works, the transportation and the delivery of the volumes agreed upon. TGN shall control the gas quality, carry out the integrity plans for the facilities, shall handle the measurement and regulation stations, shall preserve the good conditions and functioning of the valves, and protect the facilities from any possible damage to third parties, plus countless of additional tasks that will guarantee the reliability of the services and safety for the people and properties in area.

To make this possible, TGN has a team of engineers, technical experts and professionals in the local areas.

This major milestone is transcendent not only for TGN but for the province’s economic growth. This will allow for: the establishment of more industries that use natural gas as their main energy source; trainings on natural gas for technical experts in the local areas. Also, there will be a need for construction SMEs to develop the new urban distribution network.