Source of energy – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 

Source of energy

We are a company dedicated to natural gas transportation through high-pressure gas pipelines that operates in the center and north of Argentina.
We are responsible for transportation of 40% of the injected gas on trunk pipelines in the Argentina. This represents 20% of the country’s energy grid.
As providers of an essential public service through Gasoducto Norte and Centro Oeste we abide to the local regulation of Act N° 24076 (Natural Gas Act), under the authority of the National Gas Regulating Authority (ENARGAS).

Gasoducto Troncal

We are responsible for transporting
40% of injected gas
in trunk pipelines; this represents
20% energy grid
of the country.

We operate and maintain over
10,971 km of gas pipelines

  • 6.806 km owned by TGN.
  • 4.165 km owned by third parties.
Planta Compresora

21 Compressor stations with 391,020 HP
that allow us to connect Neuquén basin, Salta basin and Altiplano basin with 8 of the 9 gas distributors in the country, sub distributors, industries, thermal power stations and retailers across the country.
We are the only operator that connects the gas pipelines with Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay.

We provide high-specific services
for the national and international industry.

Capacidad del Sistema de Transporte

We expanded the gas transportation system capacity
from 22.6 MMm3/d to 60 MMm3/d achieving
a 165% increase in capacity.

TGN is a key player in energy development, and this is reflected by our commitment with the 2017-2022 works plan. In the interest of accompanying the growth of our country, ensuring the reliability of our systems and the safety for local people and facilities we are investing over $13 billion in several provinces in Argentina.

We intend to be a sustainable company, a leader in the energy sector and a good place to work. And so, we are focused on working with excellence and technological innovation; We aim to generate new projects that will contribute to the improvement of the energy infrastructure in the country and in the region, to diversification our energy grid through renewable energy and to the electricity generation by means of natural gas.