Our People – TGN – Transportadora Gas del Norte S.A. 

Our People

Are you ready to take on new challenges? Are you ready to grow professionally?


We work on a solid technical base to reach our business objectives. For us, results are just as important as how we obtain them.

Each collaborator is a fundamental piece to guarantee the integrity and excellence of each action that we carry out at TGN.

We are teamwork
Sinergy between team members is essential for our development.
We are innovative
We design and develop solutions and applications to boost the quality of our work.
We are diversity and integration
Our diverse team shares the same company vision.
We are agile
We need flexibility and energy. We are a growing company and we want to become ever more competitive.
We are collaborative and participative
We put passion in each project, work and challenge.
We are experience
Our knowledge of the industry is a huge advantage for taking major challenges.